Las Vegas

My wife and I headed down to “Sin City” for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half.  I’ve pretty much used a few races this year as excuses to travel. It worked out quite well although, unfortunately, I don’t think it will next year.

The Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll was crazy.  Just the amount of people is nuts.  I think they said 40k. My wife was really excited to see Macklemore so we headed over early to make sure we could get close.  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis put on a great show.  If you haven’t seen them, I would recommend it.  It was also cool to see the Seahawks support in full force.

After the show, I kinda took my time and ended up in the huge porta potty line.  It wouldn’t have been so bad but with the huge number of people and corals, the actual start line was not that close.  It seemed like miles away.   By the time I finished up, the race was starting and I was in coral 3.  Uh oh!  I got a good warm up running to the start.  I did make it for the coral 3 start but barely.

It was a very cold day for Vegas.  52 degrees at race start and it felt like at least 40 at the race end.   The overall race course was great. Especially thru the strip with all the people lined up on both sides.  It was a little barren between the Mirage and SLS and past the old downtown area.  Running by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign was great.  A lot of people stopped for pictures.    In the second half of the race, I did find myself just looking at the Stratosphere and thinking “just make it there”.  I think it was because of the cold.  And for reference.  That wasn’t a good reference because I was miles from it.

I didn’t have a PR but did ok.  My time was 8 minutes slower than my PR time in Seattle in June.  When I was about half a mile from the finish, a group started coming up on me.  And one guy came up beside me and said “Meb’s group is coming” and to keep up.  That gave me a burst of energy.  I’m happy to say that I beat Meb.  That is if you don’t count the additional 13 miles he ran.  In fairness, he did have about a 9-minute head start.

Other things about our trip:  We stayed at the Flamingo.  While it wasn’t horrible, I don’t think we’ll stay there again.  It’s old and with all the other options available it’s not our first choice.  Friday night was our low-key night.  We ate a quick dinner at the Tequila Bar in Bally’s and for the price the food was really good.  We caught a show that night at the LA Comedy Club.  Saturday was the more upscale night.  We ate at Craftsteak.  As you can expect, it was a wonderful meal.  We then headed over to see Zumanity.  We like Cirque and that is one of the shows we didn’t see in the past because of the company we were with.  The show was very entertaining.

One other note is we hit up the Hofbrauhaus for lunch on Saturday.  The one in Munich is still the best but it was still a good time since my wife says I’m not allowed to go back to Oktoberfest any time soon.

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