Traveling with a cat

I’ve flown with a cat on 4 trips—each with a layover so 8 total airplanes. Seven of the planes were wonderful; one was stressful. On the good flights no one really even noticed we had a cat. If people did, they were actually excited to see the cat.

The eventful flight started by random fate. We had actually been scheduled for the trip the day before and missed it because a garbage truck caught fire and blocked traffic. Since we missed our flight, we had to be rescheduled for the next day. There were few seats left on the flight and we were put in the bulk head of coach. Of course, it had to be a bulkhead that had a wall and not a curtain. Because of this, we had to put the cat behind the first class seat on the other side of the wall. You’d probably think this caused issues with the first class passengers. Nope. It caused an issue with a lady on the other side of the aisle behind the wall. She immediately complained that she was allergic and threw a fit. This caused people from multiple rows back to also start complaining. We kept relatively quiet. The stewardess did approach us because of the wall and talked to us. She wasn’t sure about the placement of the cat but after a few minutes and discussions with the other stewardess and the lady in first class in the seat that the cat was under, they agreed it was fine during takeoff and then could be moved to our feet after that.

To add to the stress, we had to sit at the gate for 20+ mins because a seat was broken and then another 30+ mins on the runway to get de-iced. During this time, the plane was pretty quiet and our cat used the silence to make her presence known. During the de-icing, the stewardess and the vocal lady had a conversation. The lady played up her allergies and voiced loudly that she doesn’t understand how cats could be allowed on planes. The stewardess handled it well and responded that all the rules were being followed. She also gave the lady the option to move to the back of the plane. The lady didn’t accept J . Miraculously after that conversation, the lady stopped complaining and gave up her allergy show and was fine the rest of the four hours on the plane. I’m not trying to downplay anyone with allergies as I’ve seen people that are really allergic but I’m pretty sure she went overboard. Once the plane took off we moved our cat under our feet and the plane was loud enough that she wasn’t heard meowing and the flight went back to normal.

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