Random Plane Anxiety Stories

These are a few of the stories that I thought were comical.

On one occasion my wife and I were flying from Minneapolis to Seattle and were sitting next to a military guy that had a few to drink.  He wasted no time telling us he was not fond of flying and the only reason he was on the plane is he had two weeks left in the service and he was flying back to his base to get his stuff and drive back to the East Coast.  He asked us if we had any children.  My wife responded with “no” and a little while later she said “oh man” I forgot to take my pill today.  That set the guy off with “I’m surrounded by sinners, we’re definitely going to die.”   We watched him take a few sleeping pills and he was out for most of the flight.

On a trip from Minneapolis to Seattle I once looked across the row to see a lady that was white-faced and panicked.  After asking if she was ok, she responded that landing was very unsafe and we could all die.

The funniest was probably a young boy that yelled out “We’re going die” as the plane lifted off the runway.

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