Rattlesnake Ledge

February 22, 2015

Trail: Rattlesnake Ledge (4.0 miles roundtrip, 1160 ft. elevation gain)

As the weather was nice last weekend in Washington, we got out and hiked Rattlesnake Ledge. My friend commented after that it should be called “Overcrowded Yoga Pants Peak.” I would say that name would fit it perfectly. We went somewhat early (8:30 am) and the parking lot was about three quarters full. When we came down, the trail was crowded, which made the trek slow due to the constant stream of people and unleashed dogs. The amount of people around the trailhead reminded me of being at Husky stadium right before a game. And, as the second part of the renaming eludes to, there were many women out in yoga pants—which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. There we also a lot of runners on the trail that made for some awkward moments.

Overall, the trail is well maintained and the view was great. The elevation gain is pretty constant throughout the hike. If you ever plan to go, I’d recommend a weekday or going really early. Unless of course you like slow, crowded trail hikes.

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