The Happy Princess Gets a New Job


In a universe similar to our own, there lives the happiest little princess you’d ever see.   She was always seen with a smile on her face. Even when she was “angry” it was always followed by a laugh and a smile. No one really thinks she has ever really been mad. The princess says she was mad once when the prince did some stuff but no one really believed it was true.


The princess was also known as Princess Sleepyhead because she loved to sleep. She would declare, “Sleep is awesome!” Some say that she might be lazy. But the truth is she celebrated many festivals and those occasions always lasted long into the night. Some of her favorite festivals included “Hey, it’s Sunday night!” and “Didn’t someone have a birthday last week that we missed?”


Sometimes the princess could be seen in fancy princess clothes. It’s curious though as there are no pictures of those occurrences. She would always assert that the camera battery died or the festival was just so wild that all thoughts of pictures went out the window.


Every morning the princess worked from her comfy palace so she could catch up on a few more hours of sleep while still appearing busy. When the princess did come to work, she took much joy in making grand entrances. She would always be 8 minutes “casually” late so she could capture everyone’s full attention.


The princess was a member of a fast-paced work society. She was viewed as an extremely important member by the people that actually knew what was going on. In the princess’ universe it was common for societies to be governed by dragons.  As dragons go, they are usually reasonable but have tempers and can sometimes be mean.  The princess’ supervising dragon was an extreme. She was a very nasty dragon that had no respect for any of the society members that reported to her. Some say that the dragon had an excess of hot air and couldn’t control her fire. However, on close examination, the dragon was only mean and rude when she was addressing her minions. When her peers were around, she would never raise her voice or become mean.


On one occasion, the princess’ supervising dragon called her in for a meeting to discuss the princess’ future. The dragon was extremely nice in the meeting. She professed that the princess was doing a great job and that the dragon wanted her to take on more and more responsibility. This made the princess happy. However, the dragon then went on to declare that the princess reminded her of herself when she was the princess’ age. The dragon alleged the princess could be just like her if she put in extra effort like giving up her festivals and instead working nights and weekends.


Distraught from the meeting, the princess was rumored to have fled the society walls briefly and brave the many trails that surround it. On this journey, the princess made the decision to change societies and try her luck at some of the other opportunities that exist in the universe.


The preparation for changing societies had to be done in secret to avoid the dragon’s wrath. When the dragon was distracted every afternoon, the princess would retreat to her secret tower, which she referred to in conversation as the “French Bakery”. Oui Oui! Those afternoons were spent with her nose in books until even her chai tea could not keep her eyes open.


The princess studied hard over multiple weeks. But what would the other societies expect of her? Would she be able to answer the deep questions like, “How many figs could a fig plucker pluck if a fig plucker could pluck figs?”


After a period, the princess started becoming sidetracked by real life. She and her prince moved into a magnificent palace and thus had several weeks of disruption. This distraction made the princess question her path. What will the princess decide? Will she be content with the society she has mastered? Or will she regain focus and take the leap to a new challenge?


At last, the princess took the next step and started inquiring about opportunities around the universe. She became so driven she started applying for everything she could find. She exclaimed, “Why apply for one job when you can apply for 50?” This kept her extremely busy and cut into her beloved sleeping time.   The princess tried to make up for the missing sleep by taking naps at her desk between phone calls.


On a nice spring day, the princess received a job offer that was grand.   What was her reaction? PANIC! The princess became severely conflicted and started to have doubts about her carefully laid-out plan. She pondered, “What if I’m making the wrong decision?” To add to the confusion, the princess was given a lead that would keep her from leaving her safe and cushy society. Time was not on the princess’ side and she became frantic going over her options.


After many long hours of deliberation, the princess settled down and decided to take the new job offer. It was official, she was going to start a new adventure! The princess and her friends were very excited. Time to start planning the celebration festival!


Alas, the day her friends dreaded finally came. The princess had packed her office and was ready to leave to start her new journey. Her friends were both happy and sad about the princess’ departure. They wished only the best for her but would miss the time spent together drinking, laughing and gossiping.


And, the princess lived happily ever after…

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