Lena Lake

May 28, 2016

Trail: Lena Lake (7.79 miles*)

Headed out to the Olympic Peninsula for the long Memorial Day weekend.  A friend recommended Lena Lake as a hike to do in the area so we decided to check in out on that Saturday.

If you do go to the trail, I’d recommend following the easy directions on the trail site.  We failed to do that and decided to use Waze to guide us.  Waze took us on a ~15-mile adventure on some forestry/logging roads.  The whole time driving, I kept thinking that I was sure the Lena Lake review said the trailhead was on a paved road, why would those people lie to us.  The trailhead is indeed on a paved road that is easy to get to off of highway 101.  It all worked out as the detour allowed us to see some great scenery and the extra hour it took is to get there on the backroads actually kept us from having to hike in the rain.

The Lena Lake trail is very well maintained and was pretty dry over most of the hike.  I was surprised given the rain that the area had been getting.    The hike takes you through wooded areas and you can hear rushing water as you progress.  You can get a few glimpses of the water down the hill here and there but nothing substantial from the trail.  At the 2-mile mark you cross an area that looks like it should be a stream under a bridge but it was dry.  The rushing water starts somewhere around there and appears to be coming out from below the rocks.

The lake was very pretty and serene. We enjoyed a snack lakeside and took in the view, birds and nature. There were a few campers scattered about but not on top of one another. Quite a few more were on their way up when we made our way back.

We took the easy, paved route out from the trailhead and my wife would highly recommend treating yourself to a homemade ice cream shake (she had pineapple and I had chocolate) at Kelsey’s All Natural.
Here are a few of the pictures:

*GPS miles measured from the parking lot.

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