RAGBRAI 2016 by the Numbers

Another Ragbrai has come and gone and it was a great time.  Since this was my second Ragbrai, I decided to see what the ride looked like from the data side.  I skipped one day because we had a great offer to spend the day at a lake soaking up the sun in a cool and refreshing way.  And, the previous day sucked due to heat and hills.  I also sagged 16 miles on that sucky day because my riding partner overheated.  Sagging that day was a fun experience as I never rode 16 miles in the back of a cattle trailer down a gravel road with 25 drunk people.  You may think I would have since I lived in Iowa for 22 years but alas it was a first.  I view the day off and sagging as great new adventures.  I completed every mile in 2015 so skipping one day this year was just a way to see everything Ragbrai has to offer.

Disclaimer:  Is the data 100% accurate?  No!  I didn’t wear a heart monitor so calories burned are just estimated from Garmin.  Did I get all the food and calories correct?  No on that as well.  I was keeping a log but there are just times when you forget and have to recreate part of the day later.  One of the days lasted 21 hours and thus it was really hard to keep track of everything towards the end but I did a pretty good job.  Another hard part is food on Ragbrai is random.  A homemade pork tenderloin from a family is not the same as one from a vendor.  I just put the food in myfitnesspal but had to guess on what matched the closest.

What I found from the data is I consumed twice the normal calories for the week (28,000 versus 14,000). My data doesn’t include the calories my body burned to just keep me alive and most days myfitnesspal said I could eat another 3000 calories.

Overall Summary:
Days Biked: 6
Distance: 340.20 miles
Riding Time: 24:32:55 (hr:min:sec)
Elapsed Time: 54:42:53 (hr:min:sec)
Elevation Gain: 12,410 feet
Calories Burned: 19,427
Calories Eaten: 28,028
Weight Loss: 2.2 lbs

Daily Data:

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
Rode Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes 6
Distance 53.41 58.16 60.13 51.31 68.16 49.03 340.20
Riding Time 4:10:36 4:33:20 4:14:46 3:49:37 4:24:55 3:19:41 24:32:55
Elapsed Time 10:29:16 7:21:38 8:24:12 11:33:25 11:10:27 3:43:55 52:42:53
Elevation Gain 2,402 2,918 2,133 1,594 2,221 1,142 12,410
Calories Burned 3,107 3,484 3,362 2,759 4,014 2,701 19,427
Calories Eaten 4,607 3,597 3,638 5,250 3,736 4,676 2,524 28,028

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