The Goat With A Note


One day the Princess was at the zoo and came up to a big fenced area.  It was a zoo inside the zoo.  A petting zoo!  The Princess entered and as she passed by a bush, she heard “Psst.”  She looked around but didn’t see it’s source.  “Psst, over here!”  Looking at the bush she saw a goat poking its head thru the branches.  With a mischievous grin the goat looked at her and said “Hi, I have a secret.” The Princess smiled and asked, “What is it?”.  The goat looked around to make sure no one was watching and whispered, “I know the secret to being happy!”  The Princess was surprised and excitedly asked “Really? Tell Me!”
The goat pulled his head thru the branches and rustling could be heard.  After a few moments, the goat reappeared with a note in its mouth.  It gestured for the princess to grab it.  With excited anticipation, the princess opened the note and read the text.  “How should I know, I’m a goat”.  The goat disappeared and could be heard rolling on the ground laughing.

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